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Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: Papyrus Software

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Message Boards Browser (MBB) version 2.0 is designed for New York Times message boards and Microsoft public newsgroup, and is distributed for free. It has an interface similar to MS Outlook, though it works for both NNTP newsgroups and with web based (HTTP) message boards. In addition it contains many tools which are very useful for users (organizing searching specific data in large or scattered message boards .etc. ). Although this program is professionally developed, you can use it as freeware for unlimited time.Program capabilities include:More then one message board can be downloaded at the same time.User can define keywords with different colors. In all messages, keywords are colored with the defined color. If a message contains one keyword, a colored circle appears to the left of the name. If a message contains more than one keyword, the circle is divided into colored sectors. Messages and newsgroups can also be bookmarked with differnt marks. Some message boards or newsgroups can be marked as favorites. All favorites can be updated or accessed by one mouse click.Possibility of tracking rapidly changing message boards.Filters can be set for messages containing (or not containing) text, within date limits, according author name.etc. All messages posted by an author can be listed or printed.A user friendly wizard for posting HTTP messages.Many download options can be selected (forward, backward, reloading, tracking .etc.)Different layouts can be can be saved and recalled even for next sessions.

Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows NT4, Windows XP

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